His Excellency Mr. ANTÓNIO GUTERRES Secretary General of the United Nations (UN).

Written by on octubre 6, 2021

His Excellency Mr. ANTÓNIO GUTERRES Secretary General of the United Nations (UN).

I have the honor to write to you so that you can learn about the work that the Global Network of Young Politicians (RMJP) carries out in around 39 countries around the world.

We are an organization that functions as a platform for young leaders who seek to find their political voice and be part of the decision-making process in all local, state, national and international affairs. To date, the Network has a presence in 39 countries and has managed to mobilize thousands of citizens of the world to close the inequality gaps from the collective proposal of young people. One of the main initiatives of our network is to promote the Sustainable Goals (SDG’s), which are a collection of 17 goals established by the United Nations since 2015, as part of resolution 70/1 of the General Assembly of Nations. United in the so-called 2030 Agenda.

The RMJP was created with the purpose that young people are the protagonists in the defense of democracy, human rights, and the work of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), promoting the participation of majorities and minorities in the decisive functions of the State. The political participation of young people requires preparation in the legal framework that guarantees public and individual freedoms, the full right to participation and respect for ideological diversity.

The RMJP has been impacting the lives of thousands of young people in all countries, so our mission is: To promote citizen participation of young people in the world based on democratic principles and freedom, the defense of fundamental rights, close social inequality gaps and support youth participation in political spaces that address urgent problems in their countries, regions or provinces globally, as well our vision is: To provide a space for participation, training and platform for initiatives of the young social, political and student leaders, recognized for respect for plurality, the spirit of cooperation, transparency, and the quality of their activities and proposals.

We request that you recognize our work as an organization since we have been developing projects for more than 3 years without the support of companies or institutions such as the UN, so if you recognize our work as a Global Network of Young Politicians , we can bring the knowledge and above all, motivate more young people who lack opportunities and voice, in order to create the leaders that the world needs to fulfill the 2030 agenda and demonstrate that as young people we can be the present of a better future.


Paul Rodríguez Vivas

Founder & President.

Global Network of Young Politicians


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